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Martial Arts Programs

Chris White's Extreme Martial Arts is your local martial arts training center convenienly located in the Rivergate area of Goodlettsville. For years, we have been the preferred local martial arts trainer for children and adults alike in the Rivergate area.

Our main objective is to improve our students' physical condition and to teach them superior self defense skills in case they ever need it. We also teach our students to focus their energies in a positive way to meet the challenges of everyday life. With our martial arts training classes, the focus is on giving the students the necessary skills to respond appropriately to any type of confrontation - quickly, effectively and with confidence so the student can overcome any aggressor.

A wonderful benefit of martial arts training is that is has great stress reduction benefits. Vigorous workouts that include punching, kicking and striking helps to just evaporate your stress and produce a wonderful sense of calm and peacefulness which takes over. We often hear from our adult students that the stress relief they gain from training is one of the most valuable benefits of their martial arts workout and training.

If you want to learn self defense, relieve tension and stress, gain self confidence, burn calories and boost energy, as well as become a skilled fighter, our martial arts programs at the Extreme Martial Arts school will give you all that and more.

Come in and try a free class—it will change your life.

Benefits of Martial Arts Training

  • Increases cardio-vascular fitness
  • Improves flexibility and coordination
  • Boosts vitality and energy
  • Develops strength and endurance
  • Relieves stress
  • Enhances self esteem
  • Instills mental clarity and focus
  • Endows one with a positive spirit
  • Develops dynamic self-defense and combat skills
  • Increases self confidence to meet the stress of daily life

Specifically regarding children studying martial arts, parents, pediatricians and educators all recognize the significant benefits that martial arts training for youngsters provide. Children who study martial arts learn discipline, self-confidence, concentration, respect for others and goal achievement in their martial arts classes.  The students carry these positive values with them for the rest of their lives.

Our Rivergate school offers unique programs to fit the needs of yourself and/or your entire family, including after school martial arts programs, summer camp martial arts programs, day and evening martial arts classes, and more!.

After School Drop-In Program Information
After school is dismissed, our staff will transport your children to our full-time facility for a martial arts class, help with homework and other fun activities.

Day and Evening Class Information
Extreme Martial Arts of Rivergate offers a variety of both day and evening classes for adults and children of all ages and fitness levels.

Home School Class
We offer home school classes weekly where we offer training for home-schooled children.

In-School Summer Camp Information
Are you looking for a fun and safe camp that your child can attend during the summer? Check out our summer camp program. We offer Summer camp, Fall camp, Spring Break camp and Winter camp.


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